I am going back to Japan and I am taking 10 people with me.

Let me know if you are interested. I just sent out a newsletter with all of the information in detail. You can read it here. Calico Carriage Quilt Designs Scroll down and click on Read our latest Newsletter. The short details are Two days in Tokyo to shop at flea markets and specialty shops. Ten days in Fujino at Textile workshop. Arrive in Tokyo on February 26 –  leave Japan on March 11. Price in today's market is $3,900. IMG_4580 shibori-inspiration-photo IMG_4166 copy This trip is a trip of a lifetime for Indigo/Shibori artists or those who want to learn. Please let me know if you need additional information. Debbie

About Debbie Maddy

I am a quilt designer, fabric designer, author, lecturer and international traveling teacher. I love sewing, quilt making, jewelry making, fabric dyeing, cooking and traveling to teach. I especially like meeting new people ..... Seeing old friends.
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4 Responses to I am going back to Japan and I am taking 10 people with me.

  1. Sue Tanner says:

    I would love more information on the Japan trip. I have been quilting for several years
    And love learning new stuff any chance I get! I love creating!


    I want to go, but do not see how to register. I use a walker, is that going to be a physical problem at the farmhouse? I also use cpap equipment at night, so I guess electricity is close to the sleeping area.
    This will be a new experience for me into Japanese dyeing and I am so excited.

    • Debbie Maddy says:

      Hi Alexandra
      There is no place to register. Just getting me know so we can discuss the trip. I am really sorry but being on a walker would not make this trip possible. The bedrooms at the farmhouse are on the third floor with very steep stairs. There is also a ton of walking involved with the entire time in Japan.If I can schedule something less vigorous I will let you know in the future.
      Again, I am sorry.

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