I am ready for late November

I have always tried to stay quiet about politics and religion. I feel both of these are very personal and I do not want to get into it with my "friends" because most of the time I feel very isolated in my thoughts and views. I am still not going to talk politics. I will talk a little about religion because my heart is aching! I live in a small town with some feeling of isolation even when I am in a large group of people. The thing I love the most about my current career choice is my ability to travel and meet new people. I love Facebook and Instagram because it puts me in contact with lots of people. I am beginning to be appauled at the comments and postings of some of my online friends from both sides of the fence. I am in total disbelief at what some are posting in the name of Christianity. I am almost to the point of leaving Facebook until this election is over but I would miss some wonderful posts by some amazing people. For example I loved being included in Pam Holland's post about a new grandchild. I like knowing that people I care about are safe in the aftermath of hurricanes and flooding. I like seeing Lissa Alexander's posts of old photos of her family. I don't want to miss any of these things. I have friends on Facebook and in real life who are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and even some who are not sure what they believe. I have friends who are straight and gay. I have friends who are of all nationalities and ethnicity. I don't judge anyone on who they worship, who they love or what color their skin is or how much money they have. I just want to look up to people who are true to their beliefs and treat others with love and respect. There is a Christian hymn that is called "They'll Know We Are Christians" and I love the words. It is based on a verse from the Bible, John 13:35. The lyrics contain these words: We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord We will work with each other, we will work side by side We will walk with each other, we will walk hand in hand By our love, by our love  And they'll know we are "Christians" by our love, by our love The last verse could read: "And they will know they are loved by our love." In these turbulent times I pray that we can all just live by some variation of these words no matter what your religious belief or political party. Just be kind to one another and love each other as you want to be loved. On a lighter note, I am way late in announcing my winner of the week from last Friday. The winner of a Junior Layer Cake is Lynn Wingard. shibori-giveaways Lynn message me your address so we can get it in the mail.
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  1. Lynn Wingard says:

    Wow — I’m very excited to be a winner. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Shibori line with us. I’ll get my address to you soon.

  2. Karen Kendo says:

    Oh Debbie so spot on! Love you!!

  3. Thank you for this post, Debbie. So much of what you said has been on my mind as well. I just yesterday deactivated by personal Facebook page as well as my Facebook business page. The reasons were twofold – for my personal page it was due to the incessant hatred that was being spewed by people on both sides of the spectrum. For a while, I ignored it, then “unfollowed” people so that we remained “friends” yet I didn’t see any more of their posts. But it just snowballs. For my own mental health, I knew it was time to step away from social media.

    For my business page, Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm is slanted towards encouraging small business owners like myself to pay to have my posts presented to a larger audience. For those who have “liked” my Facebook page, if they don’t interact by liking or commenting, then gradually Facebook determines that their no longer interested in my posts and stops showing them in their newsfeed. So slowly, people attrition away. It’s insanely frustrating as I see less and less interaction on my page, even though more people are “liking” it. So I have deactivated my Facebook business page as well, and now just maintain my blog as my primary business website.

    Sorry to get off on a tangent there, but the last few months have really made me look inward and decide what type of interpersonal relationships that I want to cultivate. I’ve concluded that I want more face to face, phone, letter, email, carrier pigeon, etc., rather than the virtual world of Facebook. Maybe I’m just getting old and more reflective on what once was, who knows? But the daily political battle that rages on Facebook is about as far from my faith as I can ever imagine being, and I just have no need for it in my life now.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, and hope you are doing well. I’ve seen so much in your garage sale fabrics that I’d love to have, just wished I lived closer!!

  4. Debbie Hedden says:

    Well said!

  5. Paula Ramsey says:

    I have the same thoughts about Facebook. I try to stay off as much as possible but it is also the only social media some of my quilty friends are on. I love Instagram and wish all my quilty friends were on it!

  6. Sue Cone says:

    Well you hit things right on!! I am really getting tired of all this negativity and ready for this to be finished. I am so with you about not caring what color, how much money,or what church they attend or what they believe. We were taught to love one another and it appears that is being forgotten. Thanks for sharing!

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