A relaxing morning at the Modesto California farmers’ market

We had a day off between lectures and workshops and were told about the block long farmers' market in downtown Modesto. Once there, we discovered the variety of homegrown veggies, fruits, nuts and locally produced cheese, breads and meats. One vendor was selling the flowers grown on their local farm. There is certainly nothing like these in our Texas yard. IMG_5065IMG_5067 IMG_5066 IMG_5073 There were several varieties of heirloom tomatoes at one vendor. We are so glad farmers (and individuals) are growing these great items again. IMG_5070 There was a great selection of healthy looking vegetables of all sorts. Wishing we had a kitchen handy so we could take advantage. IMG_5076 There was also the opportunity for less healthy snacks like the bacon on a stick. This young man was staying busy while we were there. IMG_5079 IMG_5078 We finally succumbed to the breakfast "blt"; french toast with bacon, lettuce and tomato. IMG_5077We noticed their large charcoal grill where they were cooking chicken and ham for sandwiches and quesadillas. We were really tempted by the great looking ham. IMG_5068 It is a pleasure to discover these small events that represent a return to simpler times and healthier eating (mostly healthier).

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I am a quilt designer, fabric designer, author, lecturer and international traveling teacher. I love sewing, quilt making, jewelry making, fabric dyeing, cooking and traveling to teach. I especially like meeting new people ..... Seeing old friends.
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