Four months of give aways!!

It is going to be an exciting four months here on my blog. I will have a very big announcement in April and I want to build my blog audience. To encourage people to read my blog I am going to be giving away lots of stuff. There are only a few of rules. First you have to read the whole post and leave a comment = one entry Second - follow my blog and share it with others = one entry Remember the more people reading my blog the larger the prizes will be. Share my blog and tag me on Facebook=one entry Every week and sometimes more often I will be giving away something. You will not know what unless you read my blog post. Be sure to leave comments to be entered into the fun! Sometimes I will give away patterns. IMG_0349 I will give away fabric. 20140304-132501.jpg I will give away jewelry. thumb_IMG_1503_1024 I will give away one of my hand dyed scarves. thumb_IMG_1875_1024 You just never know what I will be up to unless you read my blog posts. My first adventure for 2016 will begin tomorrow. I am going on a road trip to learn something new. I might meet Little Miss Muffett there. Guess what I will be learning?  

About Debbie Maddy

I am a quilt designer, fabric designer, author, lecturer and international traveling teacher. I love sewing, quilt making, jewelry making, fabric dyeing, cooking and traveling to teach. I especially like meeting new people ..... Seeing old friends.
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8 Responses to Four months of give aways!!

  1. Nancy Smith says:

    At this minute, I can’t think what it will be. But I know it will be exciting & you will learn lots of things. Have Fun.

  2. Barbara Cissne says:

    Curds and whey, I guess. See you this Saturday. Looking forward to the workshop.

  3. Alice Kay Arnett says:

    Does it have to do with sitting on your tuffet?? Happy New Year!!

  4. Debbie Hedden says:

    Can’t wait to hear your April announcement! Maybe you are going to make a tuffet!

  5. Lynn Wingard says:

    My guess is a tuffet since they are all the rage right now. It might be fun to learn how to make one. I’ll try to remember all the places I have to like you (shouldn’t be too hard). I’m fascinated with your jewelry making, too. And our friend absolutely loved the pink and lavender silk scarf I gave her on Satuaday. I believe it’s sailing on a cruise with her as we speak.

  6. Cathy Walsh says:

    How to construct a tuffet, of course! I hope you have fun.

  7. marian Fuson says:

    I am looking forward to see what Miss Muffett has for use. LOVE your patterns.

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